Sunday, June 7, 2015


1. How has your knowledge and understanding of drugs* changed since you have participated in this Health course?

It has changed a lot because before this health class I had no idea about the horrific things that could happen with the use of some of these illegal and legal drugs. I could not believe my eyes when I saw how people looked when they used drugs, and because of these classes it gave me even a better reason why using drugs are a bad thing to do.

2.  How has your knowledge and understanding of STDs and contraception** changed since you have participated in this Health course?

I was really clueless with the fact of the variety amount of dangerous std. These classes helped understand their effects and how I could prevent to get one. This class also helped understand how to protect myself, and what I need to do if I something wrong happens.

3. How has your knowledge and understanding of relationships***, changed since you have participated in this Health course?

My knowledge about relationships has changed a lot since having this class. Before I would not see it as a big deal, but it is a certainty huge deal when it can truly hurt someone. This class helped me really understanding the problems that relationships could bring.

4. Choose one core value and explain how it represents your learning in the HS health course.

The Core Value that represents me during this class was curious. I chose curious because I always seem to be taking that extra step and learning more about an interesting topic. I either research about or ask questions.

5.  What have you most enjoyed about this course?

I have really enjoyed the learning of new topics, because these are topics that are not really explained to us in our daily life. During this course I really enjoyed the projects that we did, because it helped us understand the topics even more.

Warning Labels


Cigarettes are the only type of tobacco product que is required to have health warnings with long-term effects of tobacco upon our health. Please answer the questions Following:

1) Do you think other tobacco products (ie. Hookahs, packages of rolling tobacco, pipes, etc.) shouldnt have visual images and information about tobacco effects upon the body or mind? If yes, what kind of images and information shouldnt They display? If not, why not?

2) Alcohol drinks are not required to display visual images about the health effects upon the mind or body. Do you think Alcohol companies shouldnt be required to do this? Why or why not?

3) If companies had to display visual images, what type of health warnings do you think Alcohol companies Could display on Their products?

4) Why do you think Alcohol companies are not required to publish visual images of health warnings?

  1. Yes I believe that their should be labels on every tobacco product their is because all them have similar harmful chemical that can really damage someone's body. The labels should show the same exact images they use for cigarettes for other tobacco products because all of the products affect the same parts of a person's body.
  2. I do believe that Alcohol drinks should require labels because it could seriously harm you overtime, and it could harm others with your actions with your actions while drunk.
  3. Companies should display images of organs damaged by alcohol, someone getting arrested for drinking and driving, and a image that shows the people that you can not control your actions if you get drunk. Finally, in serious cases, show an image of someone dying in a hospital. All of these examples of possible images for effects of drinking alcohol, are realistic consequences that can occur to someone that either drinks too much in one night or drinks regularly for a long time.
  4. I am just guessing, but I believe the reason why companies don’t need to put warning labels on them is because they believe that alcohol is not that dangerous compared to tobacco. Drinking alcohol can be normal thing to do, and it is not that dangerous to do if you drink responsibly.Image result for liver alcoholImage result for alcohol drunk driving