Thursday, April 16, 2015

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India's Romeo and Juliet tragedy

The article I chose has a lot of similarities with Shakespeare's story Romeo and Juliet. These were two lovers who were not suppose to be together because of different religion and they fell in love with each other randomly and in first sight. They got married, but their families did not agree on it and threatened to kill them if they were together, they decided that the only way that they can be together was to kill themselves. This happened  in January 2015 in Phaphunda India, it is a current event because the police decided to act by pressing charges  on the families right now for making the teens kill themselves. The theme of this story is similars to Romeo and Juliets, and that is nothing will stop two people that love each other from being together. Even religion which in this case is the thing that is trying to stop them from being together.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Which Would You Choose : After studying the French National Assembly's "Declaration of the Rights of Man"

To start the new government, it is very Difficult to choose Which one would be better to use because They are very similar. However, I think I would use the Declaration of the Rights of Man because it is a combination of the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, and the people even more Sono freedom and rights than the American Bill of Rights. The Declaration of the Rights of Man even mentions social classes, and How They are not supposed to exist unless options it is for the general good of all people, Which is never Mentioned in the US Bill of Rights, where in fact, it discriminates Actually blacks (Were slaves only counted the 3/5 of a person).  The Rights of Man Also mention the system That Is Innocent Until proven guilty, freedom of religion, and military que is for the good of the people. Some of These things can not be found in the American constitution, Which is why I think the Rights of Man is better to start a new government. The only thing to add from the American Constitution would be an elastic clause, meaning que changes can be made When necessary. Overall, I think Both are great to start the new government.

Which Would You Choose :  After studying the French National Assembly's "Declaration of the Rights of Man", you hopefully noticed That It reads sometimes like the Declaration of Independence and sometimes like the Constitution's Bill of Rights . Knowing que Both of Them Were designed to promote promotion Enlightenment ideals, Which would you prefer to have if you were starting a new government?

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