Sunday, March 22, 2015

My core values in math

My Strength: Curiosity was my strength in this quarter is math, even though my strength was risk taking last semester. I chose curiosity because I Became more focused on solving the problem, when i do not find the answer, I keep on doing Until I find it. When I do not find the answer I get a weird feeling to make keep on going. I still find risk taking a strength for me, but in this semester I thought curiosity was the bigger one.


Again this semester I Have Been still struggling with this core value. Even though, I have not forgotten to bring in any homework this semester I still need to practice this core value. I have always lacked responsibility because I never take full responsible- of things. For example, When I lose things I blame it on other people I do not take the blame. I did a lot Improve with this core value but I still need to work on it, its a work in progress.

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