Monday, March 30, 2015

Super Bowl Project


  1. Using the Excel document to your data source, enter the scores of the winning and losing teams into your calculator. The winning teams 'scores will be entered into L1 and the losing teams' scores shouldnt be entered in L2. You should check to make sure your que date was entered and check Correctly That You Have 48 entries L1 and L2 is Both.

  2. Determine the average score for the winners and the score average for the losers. All scores shouldnt be rounded to the nearest integer.

    For winners: 30 points per match
For Losers: 16 points per match

  1. Create a box and whisker chart for Both the winners 'and losers' scores. How do the median scores compare? Remember, in order to construct a box and whisker chart, you will need to find the minimum, median, maximum and the 1 st and 3 rd quartiles. Make sure the scales are accurate que.

Winner (BLUE)
Minimun: 14
Median: 30.5
Maximum: 55
Q1: 23
Q2: 35

Loser (RED)
Minimum: 3
Median: 16.5
Maximum: 31
Q1: 10
Q2: 20.5

4.  Compare the Standard Deviations between the winning and losing scores. How are similar they? How are they different? What do they mean?

Winning = 6.8
Losing = 9.8
Similar: because the numbers are close to each other and the range of the points are close. For example, if we compare a football match with a baseball game, the points will be far apart, but the scores are in one range because They are all in the football game. If we compare basketball and football points points the points would be far apart.

Different: because the numbers are bigger standard deviation

5.Could there be a correlation between the Super Bowl number and the score of the game? Calculate the linear regression between the Super Bowl number and the winning score. What is the correlation coefficient? What does that tell us? Passing numbers have Increased over the past few years due to changes in rules. Has there Been an Increase in scores over the past few games? How did you come to that Conclusion?

Appearently, the Super Bowl games have not Affect Been through the years. Its clear que there's the correlation with the years and the score because the scores of the winning teams and lossing osilates throughout the history of Super Bowl. I came to this Conclusion because the first Super Bowl in 1967 Green Bay won 35 to 10 of Kansas City to score really similar to the Super Bowl of 2001. In 2001, Baltimore won 34 to 7 of NY Gaints and this happened 44 years later. The next year, 2002, New England won 20 to 17 of St. Louis, showing que The Possibility of having a similar or different score is possible because the years does not Affect the scores.

6.Calculate the linear regression between the winning team and the losing team. What does the correlation coefficient tell us? Based on your model, if the winning team scores 35 points, how many points will the losing team score? If the losing team scores 12 points, how many will the winning team score?

Linear regression: 
number and winner 
a = -2.95 
b = 42.21 

The correlation coefficient is When the scores or date is Increasing with the team. 

In this case, the correlation coefficient tells us if the scores are rising every year. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

My core values in math

My Strength: Curiosity was my strength in this quarter is math, even though my strength was risk taking last semester. I chose curiosity because I Became more focused on solving the problem, when i do not find the answer, I keep on doing Until I find it. When I do not find the answer I get a weird feeling to make keep on going. I still find risk taking a strength for me, but in this semester I thought curiosity was the bigger one.


Again this semester I Have Been still struggling with this core value. Even though, I have not forgotten to bring in any homework this semester I still need to practice this core value. I have always lacked responsibility because I never take full responsible- of things. For example, When I lose things I blame it on other people I do not take the blame. I did a lot Improve with this core value but I still need to work on it, its a work in progress.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Question for Social Studies

Why did the Constitution allow slavery to continue, if the Declaration of Independence claimed that "all men are created equal"? 

The constitution allowed slavery to continue because it helps make money. They believed that all rich white men are created equal and they all rights but black men who were slaves did not have any rights or whatsoever. Most of the documents that we read said that slavery was not a problem, and that everything was going well, and they were making money. The Meaning of all men are equal means, all white rich men are created equal, they did not consider the slaves as people. On the document, almost very man said that it was not a problem and it should not be banned. In conclusion they allowed slavery because theye were winning plenty of money.

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

To what extent French and Indian War make the Revolutionary War inevitable.

French and Indian War make the Revolutionary War inevitable great extent he French and Indian War make the Revolutionary War inevitable. . The French and Indian war made ​​the English come to the colonies for the first team 150 years. The original plan was for the English and the colonists fight the french and If They won the colonists would get more land. They Were Actually very happy with collegues English cam, but Then after the war England had a huge debt to pay. So They Made the Proclamation of 1763, that means the colonists that Could not go east of the Appalachian Mountains because They would be Consider terrorists and have to start another war. The colonists Were outraged, that is When They started to separate. Many other laws cam up and made ​​the colonists very mad. That is why the French and Indian War made ​​the Revolutionary War inevitable.