Monday, February 2, 2015

Opinion on Montesquieu democracy

Do you agree? Is democracy better suited to some places than other? Or is it best for the progress of the world that all governments move towards elections and checks on governmental power

Democracy suits perfectly for every government because people do not want just one person to controll everything, people want to have a voice. A monarch can sometimes be selfish and think about himself and not for the people, and he could make foolish mistakes. With democracy everyone can vote for what they want and the majority rules.  I think that any place can be turned into a democracy regardless of the geography, culture or climate. Places like the the Usa, latin America, Asia, have democracy, but their is always a place that has their own way. Many countries in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East still have Monarchy. The Uk has constitutional Monarchy, which means they have limited power and the people have a voice. But I believe that countries should hold elections and choose their leader, instead of a random one.

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