Monday, December 1, 2014

Graded Barbie Bungy Project blog post 2

In todays class, we were very productive with our investigation. Even though,  we were missing a group member. We continued our investigation from last class and tried to prove our prediction correct, that the rubber band would expand 13 centimeter each time. We kept on adding rubber bands each time to prove our prediction and equation correct. Our equation was y=13x+27, the Y was the total height, the 13 was expansion of the rubber band, the x was the number of rubber band, and the 27 was the height of the barbie. We proved our theory correct 3 times, the wall in the math class was 227.5 cm, the door in the math class 214 , and the stairs outside were 200 cm. That is what we did the both classes and it seemed to work out. Our big finding this class was that our equation was correct. We believe that our chances for success is very high because we tested our theory in three completely different locations. Their is always that chance that it will fail, but hopefully we do well and succeed in this project.

Findings: barbi’s height: 27cm
one rubber band: 40cm including her height.
total band expanded: 13cm                                                   
rubber band: 8.5 cm

2 rubber bands: 53 cm
2 bands expanded: 26 cm

3 rubber bands: 66 cm
3 bands expanded: 39 cm

4 rubber bands: 78.5
4 bands expanded: 51.5

15 rubberbands= 222cm
15 bands expanded= 195cm

75cm= 3 rubberbands
156cm= 10 rubberbands
227.5cm= 15 rubberbands 

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  1. Can you put your data in a table? Can you elaborate on how you obtained your equation? Make sure that any reader can follow what you are doing and doesn't have to ask clarifying questions.