Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Integrated Science I BRICS Blog Post

                                                      BRICS Energy Proposal

1.Predict what the energy situation for your country could be like in the year 2050 based on data you collect and analyze, not quoted from a website.
Russia is a huge country with a 143.5 million people, so they must generate a lot of energy so they can give their people electricity. With the data I found, the energy source that russia uses the most is Natural gases. Sadly, natural gases are nonrenewable, so they will eventually run out and they are harmful to our ecosystem like creating pollution. Russia have been using mostly non renewable sources like coal, nuclear, and like I said before Natural gases. Russia has been using about 90% of nonrenewable energy sources to create electricity, and their about only 10% of renewable sources(mostly hydroelectric power). According to energy chart f 2035, Russia is predicted to minimize their use of natural gases but increase of nuclear power. Unfortunately, Russia don't seem to be stopping their use of nonrenewable energy sources because its cheap, and they can transfer it and sell it to other countries. In the positive side, they did start to use more of Hydroelectric power, and they actually started to use for the first time solar energy, wind power, geothermal, and biomass. In 2050, I predict and my sources predict that Russia will start to use more wind power, and solar power because they have a huge country with a lot of free space, and these types of projects need space. Wind energy most likely will work, but solar energy might have some difficulties because in most months, they do not consume a lot of sunlight because of it location. Hopefully, Russia will stop thinking like a company and start acting like a country that want to survive in this world.

2. Create a proposal for the country on what we be the best course of action to take. This does not need to match what current actions are being done presently. Support your proposal with facts that led you to your conclusions.

Dear Valdemar Putin,

My name is Andrew Gregg and today I will be trying to convince you to start using renewable energy sources. You must be very confused why you would need renewable resources because everyone has electricity, you are saving money because you are buying cheap energy sources, and you are gaining money because you are selling them to other countries. Your country is doing amazing financially but ecology you are pretty bad. Your main source of energy is natural gases and coal, you barely had to use money to find them because you already have them in your country, but they are nonrenewable( can't use again) so eventually they are going to run out. So I suggest for you to start making plans with renewable energy sources. They might be harder to find and more expensive to start a project with but they are renewable and healthy for our world. Once you built it you never have to do anything else. I suggest you to start creating more dams because your country has great potential of hydroelectric power. Also start taking advantage of your large un used land, you can create wind mill so they can generate wind energy and also you can make solar panels, so they can capture the sunlight. Not all countries can do these types of projects because of lack of space, so you should do it. Finally, save your energy for yourselves because non renewable sources are running out and renewable sources might not always work, so save and don't waste. I hope you take my proposal seriously and in consideration.

Thank you

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