Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Graded Barbie Bungy Project

                                                     Graded Barbie Bungee Project

Today was the first day of our new project and the last project of this semester. The project is called The Graded Barbie Bungee, and its topic is a great idea. So we get the barbie and we have to make a perfectly safe bungie jump. It sound easy but so far It Has Been Difficult pretty and consuming team. I got chosen with two great partners named Kata and Ashley. We hope for the best, and we hope to have fun while doing the project.

In todays lesson we did a lot for such a short period. We chose a light purple princess barbie and started our strategy. First we measured the barbie and she was 27 centimeters. Then right away we used the 8.5 cm rubber band and made ​​her drop. We used a ruler to see how far she went down, and on the first turn with one ruler she went down 40cm down including her height. Today we did the same thing four times and in the 5th one it hit the ground. But we chose the distance from top to bottom was pretty short so next time we have to try higher. We used technology to help us today, in Katas phone we used the slow motion tool so we can see exactly how far it went down. So we had accurate measurements and need. I can not wait for next class, and I hope we do well.

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