Friday, October 24, 2014

The process of my Short Story: Reflection

First Daft:

Final Draft:

As you can see their is a huge difference between my first draft and my final draft. In my first draft, I made a lot of mistakes. To be honest I rushed a lot, and I did not take it seriously. On my second draft I did not change it a lot,  and my third draft also. I really only changed it when my peer feedback came in. They said I made a lot mistakes and they gave me great feed back on my draft. I then took it seriously and made a lot of changes. I am very proud about this, because it shows how my writing improved and got better. Some things I can do to get better is work on it earlier, and get peer revision earlier so I edit it and fix my errors. I hope we can do fun writing like these so I can get better.

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