Thursday, October 2, 2014

Science Quarter One Reflection

Succeeding Core Value: Reflective
I believe that the core value that I mastered  do at in this quarter was Reflective. In this quarter their were a lot of assignments that had to reflect on because either I did bad and had to do better or I did good. One example of thing I had to reflect on was my first summative test. Unfortunately, I did not do well on the first test because I slacked off, but after reviewing and reflecting on it I learnt from my mistakes. I hope I did better on the retake, and I do think I improved by a lot.  If I did improve, then reflecting about my old test must have really helped. I also reflected on how I studied, I noticed that I should study earlier.

Worst Core Value: Critical thinker
I believe that the core value that I failed to succeed in this quarter was critical thinking. In every formative I gave non detailed responses, and on the test I did not use higher order thinking. I wrote simple answers for the questions. Some ways I can improve is by just thinking out of the box and maybe next time on formatives I could answer the question clearly and good.

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