Monday, October 6, 2014

"Prisoners"dilemma game.

After playing "Prisoners' dilemma game I realized the truth about humans. Humans are people that can be trustworthy and also not trustworthy. I believe in both because in a competition people would lie for victory but they would not kill someone for it. So you can say both are kind of right, we are kind but we can be untrustworthy. I really did enjoy this game because you can see the real true colors of someones spirit, before this game I thought that Loke was totally right and Hobbes was just crazy, but I was wrong. He was very much correct with people being not trustful, but some times they can be trustful if they were your friends, or family because they love each other. I was motivated to tie so that is why we chose blue in the beginning but after two rounds they chose red and we were losing, now if we wanted to win we had to start betraying them, and that is what we did and we tied. Overall I agree with both side and I really liked this social experiment.

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