Friday, October 24, 2014

The process of my Short Story: Reflection

First Daft:

Final Draft:

As you can see their is a huge difference between my first draft and my final draft. In my first draft, I made a lot of mistakes. To be honest I rushed a lot, and I did not take it seriously. On my second draft I did not change it a lot,  and my third draft also. I really only changed it when my peer feedback came in. They said I made a lot mistakes and they gave me great feed back on my draft. I then took it seriously and made a lot of changes. I am very proud about this, because it shows how my writing improved and got better. Some things I can do to get better is work on it earlier, and get peer revision earlier so I edit it and fix my errors. I hope we can do fun writing like these so I can get better.

Core Values

Communicator: In English class, I always participate by asking questions or giving ideas, and also volunteering by reading my writings. I always found communicating a strength because I am not shy and I like talking to people. Some ways I can improve is maybe participate a little more because I have not been participating as much as last year but It is only the first quarter.


One core value which is my weakness is innovative. I'm not so sure how to apply this core value to English class, which shows that I haven't been practicing that core value. I have yet to create an original and insightful idea in service of a larger purpose.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Arquitetura e urbanismo em Minas Gerais

My group and I did our project on important places in Ouro Preto. I learned about important places in Ouro Preto. I hope we can do another similar project with this.

Monday, October 6, 2014

"Prisoners"dilemma game.

After playing "Prisoners' dilemma game I realized the truth about humans. Humans are people that can be trustworthy and also not trustworthy. I believe in both because in a competition people would lie for victory but they would not kill someone for it. So you can say both are kind of right, we are kind but we can be untrustworthy. I really did enjoy this game because you can see the real true colors of someones spirit, before this game I thought that Loke was totally right and Hobbes was just crazy, but I was wrong. He was very much correct with people being not trustful, but some times they can be trustful if they were your friends, or family because they love each other. I was motivated to tie so that is why we chose blue in the beginning but after two rounds they chose red and we were losing, now if we wanted to win we had to start betraying them, and that is what we did and we tied. Overall I agree with both side and I really liked this social experiment.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Science Quarter One Reflection

Succeeding Core Value: Reflective
I believe that the core value that I mastered  do at in this quarter was Reflective. In this quarter their were a lot of assignments that had to reflect on because either I did bad and had to do better or I did good. One example of thing I had to reflect on was my first summative test. Unfortunately, I did not do well on the first test because I slacked off, but after reviewing and reflecting on it I learnt from my mistakes. I hope I did better on the retake, and I do think I improved by a lot.  If I did improve, then reflecting about my old test must have really helped. I also reflected on how I studied, I noticed that I should study earlier.

Worst Core Value: Critical thinker
I believe that the core value that I failed to succeed in this quarter was critical thinking. In every formative I gave non detailed responses, and on the test I did not use higher order thinking. I wrote simple answers for the questions. Some ways I can improve is by just thinking out of the box and maybe next time on formatives I could answer the question clearly and good.

Vision Boards: What I Aspire to Be

My goal in life is to go a great college and become a lawyer. This goal will be very hard because their are many teens with the same type of goal. I will need to work hard , and balance my time because to achieve this goal I need to get good grades and do activities. So balance is the core value that I need to use to succeed this goal. The pictures on top all represent me, I play sports and video games. My favorite team is real madrid and I love pizza. I am mexican and I love my family. This goal is importent because it has been my dream ever since I was little. My aunt inspired me because she is a lawyer and she helps people for a living. One thing I should do so I can get better is join the debate team, that will help me improve in my debating skills.