Thursday, September 4, 2014

Reaching My Fitness Goal, One Step at a Time

In this unit we are doing activities that are improving our fitness skills. Some examples are doing push ups, the beep test, sit-ups, and even jump rope. I believe that this unit will be hard because their are a lot of activities that are pretty hard. I have so many goals for this unit but I brought them down to my top 2. First, is to make to level 9 on the beep test. Recently, we did the beep test in class, and I got 8 level 1. I am pretty disappointed because in 7th grade I got a 7 and that was amazing, and I only reached one level up in 2 years. So this unit I am planning on getting a high 9. My second goal is to do jump rope correctly. When we do the jump rope activity, I find really hard, and embarrassing because I see every body but me doing it perfectly. Nobody ever really tough me to jump rope before, so my goal is to try to jump with out failing 15 times. One learning hobbit that I need to use so I can succeed is Risk Taker. The reason why I need to use risk taker is because if I don't take risks, I will never go anywhere. I have to try my best in every activity, even if I fail. Failing is success, and if something does not kill you it makes you stronger. The time I will need to achieve my goal is about 1 month for the first goal and the second goal will take many months because in the beep test I just need to run and practice, but the jump rope I have to practice every day, and concentrate hard. The achievement of my fitness goal will impact and improve my life in the following ways, help my health, give me the will power and the courage to try other things, and it will help me learn other things and make me set more goals. So this is what I want to do in this unit.

In my second beep test I improved one level from 8 to 9 and that was a huge success, that proves that Im in good shape and form. Measuring my heart rate every class showed how physical active I was and what zone I was in. That helped me realize if I needed to work harder or tone it down. I already succeeded in my challenge with the beep test but the challenge I need to work on was my jump rope skills. Some ways I can improve that skill by improving my balance component and practicing a lot. Some revisions I should make is the way Im practicing, and training to skip better. Before I would just jump high and as fast as I can but now I have to use coordination and go slow and jump lower. I hope to achieve this goal by the end of the semester.


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  1. Hi Andrew, risk-taking is most definitely key in achieving your fitness goals. Taking risks helps us learn from those experiences and teaches us what we need to do in order to improve. Persevering through challenges allows us to grow within a mindset that is open to becoming a healthier person. What could you do to maintain and further develop the skills needed to achieve lifelong fitness and health?