Monday, April 7, 2014


  As you can see, for my science artifact I choose my most recent test. We were tested on our learning of chemical reactions. I was innovative and risk taker in this test because I was open to trying new ways of studying. Instead of solemnly questioning myself with the test questions, I would also make flash cards with specific topics on each one and a specific color indicating a certain topic the card pertained to. This idea was suggested to me by friends and it seemed to work and I also became fond of it. Also, I would ask others to quiz me sometimes. This was a good experience because I learned another effective way to study for tests and I can use this method for a long time in the future. This is a core value I will continue to improve upon and that I will use for other classes like portuguese were my study methods are not the best and I find it difficult to study for. The core value that I didn't demonstrate and need to work on is inclusive, this is because I could have made a document and reflected on all of my grade 8 science learnings and how they relate to the test topic to make sure I know it in case its on the test. Also by doing that I would demonstrate critical thinking towards my preparation for this test.

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