Monday, April 7, 2014


The artifact that I chose to use for humanities for this SLC is my argumentative essay about the Israel-Palestine conflict. We had to write an argumentative essay, and give our own opinions about the Israel-Palestine conflict that has been going on for decades. I sided with the Palestinians because I thought it was unfair what the Israelis did. I thought that the essay reflects how I have done in Humanities class so far. On the argumentative essay, I got a 72, which was a big improvement compared to my first argumentative essay, and I feel like I have improved overall in humanities as well. I really worked hard on the second one to improve everything, and I did manage to improve in every topic that I had to improve except for conventions. In the future, I hope to improve in this topic. After not doing so good in the first quarter, I have had a huge improvement in Humanities class.I believe that some ways I can make my conventions better is by rereading my work so I can edit it. This essay was also a large improvement from the last one. I think the core value that I used for this essay is reflective because after the essay was done I had to reflect on both of my writing pieces. Even though I got a 72 I still think that it is a huge improvement. 

My First Essay

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