Friday, April 11, 2014


This is my most recent BSS test. I showed the core value of curious for this artifact. We learned about the colonization of Brazil. I thought the topic of colonization is very important to know and interesting. Even though I did bad on the test, I think its a huge improvement from past years. I hope to improve my tests in the future. but I did learn a lot about this topic and I hope to learn more. I still have some questions left to ask about the colonization of Brazil. And I am very interested on the next quarter of Bss. Some things I can do better for next quarter , for example I should study more for the tests, and pay attention when my teacher is talking.

One core value that I used this quarter for Bss is Reflective because on every test or project or even class I had to reflect and look what I have to do better. I one core value that I hope to get this quarter is critical thinker because on every test I want to think critical and think out of the box. But I think next quarter I will do much better then this one. 

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