Monday, April 28, 2014

Eating disorders Scenarios, Scenario 1: Sueli Andrew Gregg

1) What physical signs of an eating disorder is Sueli Developing?
Some physical signs that is showing that she is developing a eating disorder is, that she is fasting over the weekends, eating very little with her friends, she hates to look at her stomach and thighs, and finally she keeps on talking about how she is so fat.

2) What emotional / mental / behavioral signs of an eating disorder is Sueli Developing?
Some mental and emotional behavioral signs that she had was thinking she was fat, another one was checking her wait a lot. And finally saying she is fat with her friends.

3) What eating disorder do you think she has?
The eating disorder that she is close of having or already started to have in anorexia nervosa. She is eating salads but that won't last soon because later in her life she would want to lose more weight so she just stops eating salads.

4) What other signs of an eating disorder (not mentioned in the story) could you look out for?
Some other signs can be, she is weighing her self a lot, looking in the mirror a lot or maybe after a while of having this disorder she might develop in the future is Bulimia, she might start eating again then throwing up.

5) Where can Sueli get help?
First she can talk to the pairpening, but then Sueli May Not Tell Them so then her friends can tell a teacher or the principle and then They would talk to the parents, and then to the doctor or pediatrician can help her. Serious issues in They Might have to take her to the hospital.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

7 Bilhões de Outros.

1. Você considera importante responder esse tipo de pergunta?

Eu acho que é muito importante para responder a este tipo de pergunta, porque você precisa saber o que você tem medo. E também como posso resolver esse medo.

2. O que você achou mais marcante em questão?

O mais impressionante foi quando eu estava pensando em uma resposta para a pergunta, porque há muitas coisas que eu temo.

3.Como você acha que sua resposta pode zoom in / out outras pessoas de você?

Acho que a minha resposta pode ser o mesmo que os outros. Porque muitas pessoas gostam de tocá-los e eles não querem perder a sua família. E pode ser um medo deles.

4. Sua resposta contribuíram para a concepção de outros 7 bilhões? Como?

Acho que o meu vídeo e não porque eu sou al bilhões de outros vídeos que as pessoas podem vir. O meu vídeo e muito diferente das outras pessoas do mundo.

5.O sua resposta é semelhante / diferente da pessoa que você ouviu? Por que isso aconteceu?

Ouvi duas pessoas, eles estavam com medo de que o mundo vai perder toda a água e nem foi como o meu, ele estava com medo de que ele vai perder seus filhos.

Monday, April 14, 2014


This is an image of our last SmartMusic assignment in Junior Band for the 3rd Quarter. I have done fairly well in Junior Band. I think that the grade on this assignment, which was a 100, represents how I have done in Junior Band. I submitted all SmartMusic assignments on time, and turned in almost every single practice record. I think that I have done well with practicing, even though I got a B in this class I think that this class was a huge success because I got 100 percent in every smart music.

Core values

The core value that I have used the most this quarter is one that is not a core value but should be, perserverance. This quarter I had made a goal and I was determined to get to it. My goals was to get all "A"'s and "B" but unfortunately I had one class which I could not get an A or B. This brings me to the core value I need to work on. This quarter I have worked hard in many classes but maybe spent to much time in some classes and lacked that same effort in others. For example I would work hard in Math, science and Band but not pay attention to Humanities. but this quarter I am determined to be more balanced and maybe go after school to Humanities if needed.

Friday, April 11, 2014


This is my most recent BSS test. I showed the core value of curious for this artifact. We learned about the colonization of Brazil. I thought the topic of colonization is very important to know and interesting. Even though I did bad on the test, I think its a huge improvement from past years. I hope to improve my tests in the future. but I did learn a lot about this topic and I hope to learn more. I still have some questions left to ask about the colonization of Brazil. And I am very interested on the next quarter of Bss. Some things I can do better for next quarter , for example I should study more for the tests, and pay attention when my teacher is talking.

One core value that I used this quarter for Bss is Reflective because on every test or project or even class I had to reflect and look what I have to do better. I one core value that I hope to get this quarter is critical thinker because on every test I want to think critical and think out of the box. But I think next quarter I will do much better then this one. 

Monday, April 7, 2014


  As you can see, for my science artifact I choose my most recent test. We were tested on our learning of chemical reactions. I was innovative and risk taker in this test because I was open to trying new ways of studying. Instead of solemnly questioning myself with the test questions, I would also make flash cards with specific topics on each one and a specific color indicating a certain topic the card pertained to. This idea was suggested to me by friends and it seemed to work and I also became fond of it. Also, I would ask others to quiz me sometimes. This was a good experience because I learned another effective way to study for tests and I can use this method for a long time in the future. This is a core value I will continue to improve upon and that I will use for other classes like portuguese were my study methods are not the best and I find it difficult to study for. The core value that I didn't demonstrate and need to work on is inclusive, this is because I could have made a document and reflected on all of my grade 8 science learnings and how they relate to the test topic to make sure I know it in case its on the test. Also by doing that I would demonstrate critical thinking towards my preparation for this test.


The artifact that I chose to use for humanities for this SLC is my argumentative essay about the Israel-Palestine conflict. We had to write an argumentative essay, and give our own opinions about the Israel-Palestine conflict that has been going on for decades. I sided with the Palestinians because I thought it was unfair what the Israelis did. I thought that the essay reflects how I have done in Humanities class so far. On the argumentative essay, I got a 72, which was a big improvement compared to my first argumentative essay, and I feel like I have improved overall in humanities as well. I really worked hard on the second one to improve everything, and I did manage to improve in every topic that I had to improve except for conventions. In the future, I hope to improve in this topic. After not doing so good in the first quarter, I have had a huge improvement in Humanities class.I believe that some ways I can make my conventions better is by rereading my work so I can edit it. This essay was also a large improvement from the last one. I think the core value that I used for this essay is reflective because after the essay was done I had to reflect on both of my writing pieces. Even though I got a 72 I still think that it is a huge improvement. 

My First Essay

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Reflection: This year I am very glad to say that like it states in this image, I managed to get above the goal needed for my accelerated math this year. I thought that this quarter I did the same amount than I did last time and as I got above average this time and in the past I barely got 35 mastered. I guess that when I am doing accelerated math I don't like it but when it comes to the test I feel like accelerated math puts me at an advantage and I can tell that it really helps me to improve my math level therefore making me a better mathematician.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Portuguese este ano foi um sucesso, por que fez muito bem em todo. Eu acho umas coisas que eu preciso melhora a diferencia de feminino e masculino. Este texto representa quanto eu melhorei.
Este texto e sobre uma pesquisa sobre que eu queria ser quando eu estou mais grande.

Na última aula fizemos um teste que diz o nosso futuro emprego. Depois do teste, cada aluno recebeu uma pontuação e a que o Carlos Martins me deu foi Sociais 109, Artista 101, Investigador 115. Enfim, o trabalho que ele me recomendou foi para se tornar um advogado, e coincidentemente é o meu trabalho de sonho.
Eu acho que os meus resultados foram muito bons. O que Martins falou foi tudo correto. Ele disse que eu seria um bom advogado e isso é verdade, na minha opinão. Eu gostaria de ir para Harvard, criar a minha própria firma e ser um bilionário. Eu me divertiria muito fazendo isso porque eu conseguiria fazer meu trabalho dos sonhos. No começo eu estava um pouco nervoso porque eu poderia tirar resultados incorretos, porque na minha aula, eu tinha visto muitas pessoas que tiraram pontuação ruim. Mas quando eu acabei a prova, estava correto, eu tinha recebido o meu trabalho dos sonhos!

Eu sei que isso foi uma prova e não significa que vou para Harvard. Para ser aceito nessa faculdade eu preciso ter boas notas e sair bem nas provas. Mas, eu acho que se eu trabalhar muito eu conseguirei. Tomara que eu vá a Harvard e seja um advogado. Esta atividade foi muito divertida, e eu gostaria de fazer outra atividade parecida com essa no futuro.