Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Grade 8: Blogging about our Enduring Understanding and Essential Questions for Team Andrew Gregg

Andrew Gregg

Team Handball is a  game played throughout all over the world. Each team consists of 6 or 7 players on the court. Object of the game is to score more goals than your opponents by throwing the ball into their netted goal. The basic skills that are in this game are running, jumping, catching and throwing. This sport is very similar to soccer because it has the same objective and that is to shoot the ball at the net. Basketball because you are aloud to bounce it and use your hands. And water polo because it  is the same thing but just in water. Collaboration is very important for this game because you can not be successful if their is only one person playing. You need to work together as a team by passing, communication, and defending together. Team Handball was very fun for me because I love games were there is teamwork. I really think I improved a lot throughout this quarter because before this activity started I barely have no idea how to play this sport but now I think I am very good. One question that still no one answered yet for me was why pass the for the goalies pit such a big deal. Even by accident would it still be counted as a foul? In the future I want to explore and learn about the history of this sport and who came up with this fascinating idea. I also want to start watching some professional games of Handball because I want to see what do the professionals do to play good during the game.

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  1. Hi Andrew, I'm glad you feel you improved your skills during this unit! Continue to pass more often to your teammates, as well as move into and out of space in order to receive the pass and score. Remember to organize your post showing the thinking routine, Think-Puzzle-Explore and the three essential questions. This makes it easier for the reader to synthesize the information. Did you have the chance to review some of the team handball resources that were included on the PE blog? Have a chance to do so and perhaps your inquiries in your reflection will be answered (try wikipedia). I wonder, what more could you tell me about team handball? I agree, collaboration is key in a team's handball is dependent on how well your team can work together. Be sure your thinking is clear...reread your sentences to make sure your ideas are clear. Also, check to see that your fonts are easy to read. I wonder, did you cite your videos using Easy Bib? You can also cite your sources following the instructions on the PE Blog.