Friday, December 5, 2014

which is the most accurate portrayal of Pocahontas in your opinion.

I think Simon Van Pass's one is the most accurate because he met Pocahontas and drew her picture. She was wearing clothes Inglês but it is the most accurate image of her face. Van Pass's painting was primary source. The OVPL Helped me determine que Simons Van Pass was the post's accurate, and it Helped me Understand the background stories of other ones. This was a very fun activity and I hope we can do another one like this in the future.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Graded Bungy post Three

Today was our test day, Mr.Oksness gave us a random location to drop our barbie. Our teacher chose the stairs in the lower school as our drop.The height was 483cm. Our prediction was that we needed a total of 35 rubberbands. We came to that conclusion by using our equation that we made last class, y=13x+27. So, what we did was plug 483 in the equation as Y. It looked like this, 483=13x+27. Then we subtracted 27 from 483 in order to isolate the X, which would give us the amount of rubberbands we needed. After subtracting 27 from 483, we divided the result of that by 13 and X=35. That meant that we needed 35 rubberbands. When we dropped the Barbie, we only used two tries for the Barbie to get as close as possible to the ground. We literally almost touched the ground in both tries. Our teacher then chose another place for fun, and curiosity. It was aproximently 8 meter high.However, our prediction didn't quite work out that time since it touched the ground a little bit. I think the reason for that was because the rubberbands had expanded since we had used them to test our equation and for the big jump. I believe our group did a great job, we were productive in everyday even though we were a man shy. We did a really good job figuring out the equations, and making good predictions. One thing we need to do better is after we did one test with the rubberbands, we should change each one because the rubber bands were already expanded so they were larger. We did achieve our goal, and that was to keep Mr.Oksness daughters barbie safe, and making it go very close to the ground. I hope we can do similar projects in the future.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Graded Barbie Bungy Project blog post 2

In todays class, we were very productive with our investigation. Even though,  we were missing a group member. We continued our investigation from last class and tried to prove our prediction correct, that the rubber band would expand 13 centimeter each time. We kept on adding rubber bands each time to prove our prediction and equation correct. Our equation was y=13x+27, the Y was the total height, the 13 was expansion of the rubber band, the x was the number of rubber band, and the 27 was the height of the barbie. We proved our theory correct 3 times, the wall in the math class was 227.5 cm, the door in the math class 214 , and the stairs outside were 200 cm. That is what we did the both classes and it seemed to work out. Our big finding this class was that our equation was correct. We believe that our chances for success is very high because we tested our theory in three completely different locations. Their is always that chance that it will fail, but hopefully we do well and succeed in this project.

Findings: barbi’s height: 27cm
one rubber band: 40cm including her height.
total band expanded: 13cm                                                   
rubber band: 8.5 cm

2 rubber bands: 53 cm
2 bands expanded: 26 cm

3 rubber bands: 66 cm
3 bands expanded: 39 cm

4 rubber bands: 78.5
4 bands expanded: 51.5

15 rubberbands= 222cm
15 bands expanded= 195cm

75cm= 3 rubberbands
156cm= 10 rubberbands
227.5cm= 15 rubberbands 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Graded Barbie Bungy Project

                                                     Graded Barbie Bungee Project

Today was the first day of our new project and the last project of this semester. The project is called The Graded Barbie Bungee, and its topic is a great idea. So we get the barbie and we have to make a perfectly safe bungie jump. It sound easy but so far It Has Been Difficult pretty and consuming team. I got chosen with two great partners named Kata and Ashley. We hope for the best, and we hope to have fun while doing the project.

In todays lesson we did a lot for such a short period. We chose a light purple princess barbie and started our strategy. First we measured the barbie and she was 27 centimeters. Then right away we used the 8.5 cm rubber band and made ​​her drop. We used a ruler to see how far she went down, and on the first turn with one ruler she went down 40cm down including her height. Today we did the same thing four times and in the 5th one it hit the ground. But we chose the distance from top to bottom was pretty short so next time we have to try higher. We used technology to help us today, in Katas phone we used the slow motion tool so we can see exactly how far it went down. So we had accurate measurements and need. I can not wait for next class, and I hope we do well.

Monday, November 17, 2014


Você quer fazer faculdade? Você já sabe onde vai prestar vestibular? O ENEM ( Exame Nacional do Ensino Médio) pode ajudar você a entrar em uma faculdade. 

Todos estudantes que terminam o Ensino Médio no Brasil, podem fazer uma prova que avalia o conhecimento geral do aluno e suas habilidades de redação, antes de entrar na faculdade. Esse exame se chama ENEM e é nacional, ou seja, todos os alunos de todo o Brasil fazem a mesma prova no mesmo dia. O ENEM mostra como esta o ensino no Brasil. Muitos alunos fazem o ENEM para facilitar a entrada em uma faculdade. A maioria das faculdades brasileiras já aceitam essa prova para o ingresso dos alunos ou para compor a nota do seu vestibular. Porém, algumas faculdades ainda não usam a nota do ENEM, como a USP, por exemplo. Para entrar em uma faculdade brasileira, o aluno tem que escolher por dois caminhos: fazer ENEM ou o vestibular. Qual é melhor? 

Nesta semana entrevistei 3 pessoas de idades e profissões diferentes sobre o ENEM, e as suas opiniões sobre a prova. O ENEM aconteceu ha duas semanas. A professora de Português da nossa escola, do Ensino Médio, deu uma avaliação muito positiva. Ela acha que o ENEM e uma prova inteligente que faz o aluno a pensar e tirar conclusões. Já um aluno do último ano do Ensino Médio, achou o ENEM inútil, pois as faculdades que ele quer fazer, não usam o ENEM e nem são no Brasil. Ele preferir o método do vestibular, pois a prova e mais especifica e mais difícil. O outro entrevistado foi um aluno que está no meio do Ensino Médio. Ele quer fazer o vestibular, mas ele acha o ENEM uma boa ideia, porque dá chance para os alunos que não tiveram oportunidade de estudar em escolas particulares de entrarem em uma faculdade. 

O que é melhor fazer, ENEM o Vestibular? Eu acho que depende de qual curso e qual faculdade você quer fazer. Na UNESP( Universidade do Estado de São Paulo) a nota do ENEM pode ajudar para entrar na faculdade. Porem, na USP ( Universidade de São Paulo) a nota do ENEM não é usada, o aluno depende somente da nota do Vestibular. Pessoalmente, acho que o ENEM é uma boa ideia, mas não deve ser o único meio de entrar na universidade.

Connecting Goals and Redirecting steps

 I have many goals in life, but in this year I have one big and specific goals. My goal this year is to get all A's and B's. I have so far been doing well with my core values. Teachers belive that I have been doing so far pretty good in class and getting better. I hope I can succeed this goal and start a new goal next year.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Integrated Science I BRICS Blog Post

                                                      BRICS Energy Proposal

1.Predict what the energy situation for your country could be like in the year 2050 based on data you collect and analyze, not quoted from a website.
Russia is a huge country with a 143.5 million people, so they must generate a lot of energy so they can give their people electricity. With the data I found, the energy source that russia uses the most is Natural gases. Sadly, natural gases are nonrenewable, so they will eventually run out and they are harmful to our ecosystem like creating pollution. Russia have been using mostly non renewable sources like coal, nuclear, and like I said before Natural gases. Russia has been using about 90% of nonrenewable energy sources to create electricity, and their about only 10% of renewable sources(mostly hydroelectric power). According to energy chart f 2035, Russia is predicted to minimize their use of natural gases but increase of nuclear power. Unfortunately, Russia don't seem to be stopping their use of nonrenewable energy sources because its cheap, and they can transfer it and sell it to other countries. In the positive side, they did start to use more of Hydroelectric power, and they actually started to use for the first time solar energy, wind power, geothermal, and biomass. In 2050, I predict and my sources predict that Russia will start to use more wind power, and solar power because they have a huge country with a lot of free space, and these types of projects need space. Wind energy most likely will work, but solar energy might have some difficulties because in most months, they do not consume a lot of sunlight because of it location. Hopefully, Russia will stop thinking like a company and start acting like a country that want to survive in this world.

2. Create a proposal for the country on what we be the best course of action to take. This does not need to match what current actions are being done presently. Support your proposal with facts that led you to your conclusions.

Dear Valdemar Putin,

My name is Andrew Gregg and today I will be trying to convince you to start using renewable energy sources. You must be very confused why you would need renewable resources because everyone has electricity, you are saving money because you are buying cheap energy sources, and you are gaining money because you are selling them to other countries. Your country is doing amazing financially but ecology you are pretty bad. Your main source of energy is natural gases and coal, you barely had to use money to find them because you already have them in your country, but they are nonrenewable( can't use again) so eventually they are going to run out. So I suggest for you to start making plans with renewable energy sources. They might be harder to find and more expensive to start a project with but they are renewable and healthy for our world. Once you built it you never have to do anything else. I suggest you to start creating more dams because your country has great potential of hydroelectric power. Also start taking advantage of your large un used land, you can create wind mill so they can generate wind energy and also you can make solar panels, so they can capture the sunlight. Not all countries can do these types of projects because of lack of space, so you should do it. Finally, save your energy for yourselves because non renewable sources are running out and renewable sources might not always work, so save and don't waste. I hope you take my proposal seriously and in consideration.

Thank you

Monday, November 3, 2014

Postagem Reflexiva: Seminario do Miguel


Hoje eu vou refletir sobre o projeto de Português que e um seminario que fala sobre sua cultura e explique como influenciou a pais deles. Eu escolhi o projeto do Miguel, porque eu acho que o projeto dele relacionou com meu projeto.  Depois de assistir a apresentação do Miguel , eu comecei a pensar sobre como Mana influenciou Rock em países de língua espanhola . Maná é uma banda de rock mexicana de Guadalajara , Jalisco. Antes deles, México não estava realmente em musica de Rock. Acho que Mana fez um enorme impacto na cultura da rock mexicana. De se relacionar com o meu projeto , Carlos Santana também ajudou a influenciar Rock para Mexico e paises espanholes, e tocarom uma música juntos. Eu pessoalmente acho que sem eles, não havia mas musica de Rock no Mexico. Eu gostei muito da apresentação do Miguel, e aprendi muito também.

Image result for mana

Friday, October 24, 2014

The process of my Short Story: Reflection

First Daft:

Final Draft:

As you can see their is a huge difference between my first draft and my final draft. In my first draft, I made a lot of mistakes. To be honest I rushed a lot, and I did not take it seriously. On my second draft I did not change it a lot,  and my third draft also. I really only changed it when my peer feedback came in. They said I made a lot mistakes and they gave me great feed back on my draft. I then took it seriously and made a lot of changes. I am very proud about this, because it shows how my writing improved and got better. Some things I can do to get better is work on it earlier, and get peer revision earlier so I edit it and fix my errors. I hope we can do fun writing like these so I can get better.

Core Values

Communicator: In English class, I always participate by asking questions or giving ideas, and also volunteering by reading my writings. I always found communicating a strength because I am not shy and I like talking to people. Some ways I can improve is maybe participate a little more because I have not been participating as much as last year but It is only the first quarter.


One core value which is my weakness is innovative. I'm not so sure how to apply this core value to English class, which shows that I haven't been practicing that core value. I have yet to create an original and insightful idea in service of a larger purpose.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Arquitetura e urbanismo em Minas Gerais

My group and I did our project on important places in Ouro Preto. I learned about important places in Ouro Preto. I hope we can do another similar project with this.

Monday, October 6, 2014

"Prisoners"dilemma game.

After playing "Prisoners' dilemma game I realized the truth about humans. Humans are people that can be trustworthy and also not trustworthy. I believe in both because in a competition people would lie for victory but they would not kill someone for it. So you can say both are kind of right, we are kind but we can be untrustworthy. I really did enjoy this game because you can see the real true colors of someones spirit, before this game I thought that Loke was totally right and Hobbes was just crazy, but I was wrong. He was very much correct with people being not trustful, but some times they can be trustful if they were your friends, or family because they love each other. I was motivated to tie so that is why we chose blue in the beginning but after two rounds they chose red and we were losing, now if we wanted to win we had to start betraying them, and that is what we did and we tied. Overall I agree with both side and I really liked this social experiment.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Science Quarter One Reflection

Succeeding Core Value: Reflective
I believe that the core value that I mastered  do at in this quarter was Reflective. In this quarter their were a lot of assignments that had to reflect on because either I did bad and had to do better or I did good. One example of thing I had to reflect on was my first summative test. Unfortunately, I did not do well on the first test because I slacked off, but after reviewing and reflecting on it I learnt from my mistakes. I hope I did better on the retake, and I do think I improved by a lot.  If I did improve, then reflecting about my old test must have really helped. I also reflected on how I studied, I noticed that I should study earlier.

Worst Core Value: Critical thinker
I believe that the core value that I failed to succeed in this quarter was critical thinking. In every formative I gave non detailed responses, and on the test I did not use higher order thinking. I wrote simple answers for the questions. Some ways I can improve is by just thinking out of the box and maybe next time on formatives I could answer the question clearly and good.

Vision Boards: What I Aspire to Be

My goal in life is to go a great college and become a lawyer. This goal will be very hard because their are many teens with the same type of goal. I will need to work hard , and balance my time because to achieve this goal I need to get good grades and do activities. So balance is the core value that I need to use to succeed this goal. The pictures on top all represent me, I play sports and video games. My favorite team is real madrid and I love pizza. I am mexican and I love my family. This goal is importent because it has been my dream ever since I was little. My aunt inspired me because she is a lawyer and she helps people for a living. One thing I should do so I can get better is join the debate team, that will help me improve in my debating skills.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Naõ Tente Isso Em Casa O Jeitinho Americano: Blogpost

Eu li a crônica Não Tente Isso Em Casa de Matthew Shirts do livro O Jeitinho Americano. A crônica era sobre um reunião da familia em nos Estados Unidos. Infelizmente, O filho menor do Mathew Shirts ficou doente. Mas isso não foi a grande problema. A problema maior foi que o termômetro se quebro e tinha mercúrio dentro dela.  Os brasileiros ficarom estressado e nervoso, mas os americanos fircarom tranquilos, como o irmão de Phil. Ele fui a farmácia, comprou um coisa para limpar e tomou controle do situação. Ele atuou como um pessoa do CSI ( em um show de detectives). Eu posso relacionar com isso porque uma vez em cassa havia um rato, e eu e minha mai fizemos nada e meu pai porque ele e americano fez muitas coisas para matar o rato. Você pode ver que nacionalidades pensam e actam differentes. Voces acham que isso faiz sentido?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Calculator Investigations

Andrew Gregg
Math 9 Block 5
September 23, 2014

1A: 5.1
2A: 2.746078431
3A: 1.737194974
4A: 1.444238095
5A: 1.414525655
6A: 1.444238095

1A: 1.5
2A: 1.416666667
3A: 1.414215686
4A: 1.414213562
5A: 1.414213562
6A: 1.414213562

1A: 1.416666667
2A: 1.416666667
3A: 1.414215686
4A: 1.414213562
5A: 1.414213562
6A: 1.414213562

You could see that the 4 is a little different from 5, and 6.
5 and 6 are the same exact digit
In every problem the numbers get smaller.

x= √3
1st Answer:1.443375673
2nd Answer:1.41450816
3rd Answer: 1.414213593
4th Answer: 1.414213562
5th Answer: 1.414213562
6th Answer: 1.414213562

1st Answer: 1.565247584
2nd Answer: 1.421500357
3rd Answer: 1.414322239
4th Answer: 1.414213562
5th Answer: 1.414213562
6th Answer: 1.414213562

 Xn = 1/2 (Xn + K/Xn)
2Xn^2 = Xn^2 + K
Xn^2 = K
Xn = root of K

Monday, September 8, 2014

O mistério do xampu.

Hoje, eu li a Crônica de Mathew Shirts chamada "O mistério do xampu.". Esta  explica como comprando xampu e muito difícil porque ai muitos marcas. Ele acha que no Estados Unidos é mais fácil compra coisas como xampu. Eu pessoalmente acho que em Brasil não ai muitas brandas.Quando eu cheguei no Brasil, e foi para o super mercado, eu sou podia encontra poucas marcas de todo como xampu. Mais o parte mais difícil foi encontrando um bom cereal. Sou havia 3 tipos de cereal quando eu cheguei. Eu estava indo louco porque quando eu morei no Estados Unidos havia 100 tipos de cereais. Mais agora eu entendo porque não tem muitos tipos de cerrais, o razão e que aqui no Brasil não comem cerrais, eles comem pão de queijo, fruta, etc. Agora eu sou vou para o supermercado por comida. E quando eu preciso coisas que eu uso, não vou para o super mercado, eu vou para os Estados Unidos.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Reaching My Fitness Goal, One Step at a Time

In this unit we are doing activities that are improving our fitness skills. Some examples are doing push ups, the beep test, sit-ups, and even jump rope. I believe that this unit will be hard because their are a lot of activities that are pretty hard. I have so many goals for this unit but I brought them down to my top 2. First, is to make to level 9 on the beep test. Recently, we did the beep test in class, and I got 8 level 1. I am pretty disappointed because in 7th grade I got a 7 and that was amazing, and I only reached one level up in 2 years. So this unit I am planning on getting a high 9. My second goal is to do jump rope correctly. When we do the jump rope activity, I find really hard, and embarrassing because I see every body but me doing it perfectly. Nobody ever really tough me to jump rope before, so my goal is to try to jump with out failing 15 times. One learning hobbit that I need to use so I can succeed is Risk Taker. The reason why I need to use risk taker is because if I don't take risks, I will never go anywhere. I have to try my best in every activity, even if I fail. Failing is success, and if something does not kill you it makes you stronger. The time I will need to achieve my goal is about 1 month for the first goal and the second goal will take many months because in the beep test I just need to run and practice, but the jump rope I have to practice every day, and concentrate hard. The achievement of my fitness goal will impact and improve my life in the following ways, help my health, give me the will power and the courage to try other things, and it will help me learn other things and make me set more goals. So this is what I want to do in this unit.

In my second beep test I improved one level from 8 to 9 and that was a huge success, that proves that Im in good shape and form. Measuring my heart rate every class showed how physical active I was and what zone I was in. That helped me realize if I needed to work harder or tone it down. I already succeeded in my challenge with the beep test but the challenge I need to work on was my jump rope skills. Some ways I can improve that skill by improving my balance component and practicing a lot. Some revisions I should make is the way Im practicing, and training to skip better. Before I would just jump high and as fast as I can but now I have to use coordination and go slow and jump lower. I hope to achieve this goal by the end of the semester.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A caçada dos sapos

Hoje eu li uma crónica de Mathew Shirts  que se chama A caçada dos sapos e fiquei pensado sobreo dia quando o Mathew Shirts levou o filho dele para lago, e o filho dele falou sobre Socrates. Sempre achei isso poqou aleatorio. Mais eu gostei da cronica muito. Isso me fez observer e refletir sobre minha vida. Esta cronica e muito parecido como o dia quando eu fui para um acampamento com ele. Portanto, agora penso que esta cronica é muito parecido a minha vida. Me questiono e porque eles gostavam o de ver sapos no lago?Foi uma tradição?