Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Digital Video Final Post Andrew Gregg

I expected to this class to be a blast, and I was correct it was so fun making the movies with my friends.
The only part I did not have that much fun with was the final project because I did not like my group.
But the rest was very fun. I wish this class could have been much longer so we could have done more movies. I want to do digital video 2 so  I can improve my postproduction.

I learned a lot  about the movie history, directing, postproduction and even some acting. I still need to improve a lot with my postproduction because last time I did postproduction I was horrible. I am most proud in my directing skills because when I was director my movie was great. I learned about angle, shots and many more things about directors.

My final movie was really bad  because the people of my group fooled around alot and they put so much pressure on my shoulders . They did not work very well togeather. But the best group was the suspense group.

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