Monday, November 11, 2013

First suspenseful movie reflection

On our movie I thought we succeeded. The actors did amazing, our story was great, and people loved it. The only problem was that little 8 was on that week so a lot of people in our group.  So I was the only one that did the post production. i needed other people opinion, I needed advice, and I needed someone to teach me how to use I movie and if my partners were here I could of received that.I think the audience did not understand because our plot was very complex and we did not make it clear. If we had more time allowed for this film people would have understood. Our script did portray the same thing, and we made very little changes but the script was the same. I think we could have made our camera movements better because when we moved it it looked like a mess so we have to fix that. But the shots we did very well on. Our highlight of this movie was the acting and the music. Francisco and  Eliza did a great job they did act like a real person. The music made every one in the room very scared and nervous because they did not know what was going to happen next. I believe we did accomplish our goal and that was to make it a good story and have a great plot. I think the editing should have been better, but little 8 is gone so we will be fine. Our goal for the next movie is to make people understand our story,and make people like it because in our first one everyone was confused.

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