Thursday, October 24, 2013

Psycho review and Short film idea. Andrew Gregg

The movie I watched was called Psycho. It was directed by Alfred Hitchcock, and it was made in 1960. The movie was amazing for being an old movie, it was so suspenseful and entertaining at the same time. Even though it was a very old movie it still made me jump out of my seat. Some stuff I liked about the movie was the music because that was what made the people so scared. Also I liked the actors. They acted very well and it actually felt they were real people. The stuff I did not like was the special effects like when the detective falls, it looked very fake and it did not look like he was event falling . But overall the movie was excellent, and I can see why people call this movie a classic

Husband wakes up in the morning and can not find his wife. The only clues was some blood and a phone. He tells his son what happened, and he promises that he will figure it out.He goes to the police office and a detective decides to help him. They go through many clues and start getting closer to what really happened. But suddenly the father is murdered, but the detective does not give up. Finally he finds out what really happens. He find out that it was the son, he explains why but when he is about to leave the case and call the authorities the son is in the room and kills him

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  1. Good story Andrew, I see you guys managed to incorporate part of it on the group assignment. I'm looking forward to see the result!