Thursday, October 10, 2013


Andrew Greased.jpgAndrew Greased.mp3

This is a picture and sound of me playing my trombone for smart music. It was not the best score of all time but this shows a lot of improvement since last year. Last year I would have gotten a 50 percent but this year I mastered all my scales,notes and I play almost every song correctly. My goal is not finished for band because I have not made it yet. My goal is that one day I can make it to the Graded Jazz band. But that takes lots of years of practicing so I better practice allot if I ever want to make it their. Some things I must improve in is my will power. I need to practice with that because sometimes I am too lazy to even open my case and practice. So this year my goal is to practice more. So that is why I chose this Artifact.

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