Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Digital Video Final Post Andrew Gregg

I expected to this class to be a blast, and I was correct it was so fun making the movies with my friends.
The only part I did not have that much fun with was the final project because I did not like my group.
But the rest was very fun. I wish this class could have been much longer so we could have done more movies. I want to do digital video 2 so  I can improve my postproduction.

I learned a lot  about the movie history, directing, postproduction and even some acting. I still need to improve a lot with my postproduction because last time I did postproduction I was horrible. I am most proud in my directing skills because when I was director my movie was great. I learned about angle, shots and many more things about directors.

My final movie was really bad  because the people of my group fooled around alot and they put so much pressure on my shoulders . They did not work very well togeather. But the best group was the suspense group.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Solubility Project Reflection

I think Joao and me did very well. We both worked well and we both contributed equally. I think next time we have to add citations so we can prove that we did research. I believe that Joao worked very hard on this project, and he deserve allot of credit. Also in our project we should take our time because at one part we rushed a little at the end but overall it we did good. Also next time we should pay attention to the rubric because we made a silly mistake that we lost points.

Solubility Project

Monday, November 11, 2013

Live byblcly Day 3

This was the most embarrassing thing of my life ,because people called me names, people made fun of me but it was a good experience. People thought I was  crazy and they said " Hey its not Halloween yet". I did not like it at all, I could not do P:E or run and play outside. I do not how I am going to survive this. One night they served pork, I could not eat it so I had to eat just soup. My neighbors thought that I was mental .Even though it was horrible this project, it was a cool experience and I will only have to do this once.

First suspenseful movie reflection

On our movie I thought we succeeded. The actors did amazing, our story was great, and people loved it. The only problem was that little 8 was on that week so a lot of people in our group.  So I was the only one that did the post production. i needed other people opinion, I needed advice, and I needed someone to teach me how to use I movie and if my partners were here I could of received that.I think the audience did not understand because our plot was very complex and we did not make it clear. If we had more time allowed for this film people would have understood. Our script did portray the same thing, and we made very little changes but the script was the same. I think we could have made our camera movements better because when we moved it it looked like a mess so we have to fix that. But the shots we did very well on. Our highlight of this movie was the acting and the music. Francisco and  Eliza did a great job they did act like a real person. The music made every one in the room very scared and nervous because they did not know what was going to happen next. I believe we did accomplish our goal and that was to make it a good story and have a great plot. I think the editing should have been better, but little 8 is gone so we will be fine. Our goal for the next movie is to make people understand our story,and make people like it because in our first one everyone was confused.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 2 Living Bybicly reflection

Day 2 : Today was more interesting because no one made fun of me because they probably got used to seeing a kid looking like Jesus. It was a pretty normal day. Still a lot of pictures. One thing I have to improve is to be more kind and to forgive people. The highlight of my day is when I had to were my robe for my tennis class and that did not go well, I can not wait for my final day tomorrow.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Psycho review and Short film idea. Andrew Gregg

The movie I watched was called Psycho. It was directed by Alfred Hitchcock, and it was made in 1960. The movie was amazing for being an old movie, it was so suspenseful and entertaining at the same time. Even though it was a very old movie it still made me jump out of my seat. Some stuff I liked about the movie was the music because that was what made the people so scared. Also I liked the actors. They acted very well and it actually felt they were real people. The stuff I did not like was the special effects like when the detective falls, it looked very fake and it did not look like he was event falling . But overall the movie was excellent, and I can see why people call this movie a classic

Husband wakes up in the morning and can not find his wife. The only clues was some blood and a phone. He tells his son what happened, and he promises that he will figure it out.He goes to the police office and a detective decides to help him. They go through many clues and start getting closer to what really happened. But suddenly the father is murdered, but the detective does not give up. Finally he finds out what really happens. He find out that it was the son, he explains why but when he is about to leave the case and call the authorities the son is in the room and kills him

Science Test Reflection

This test was a big success for science because those was one of the highest grades I ever got in my life for science. I believe this test is sign of improvement because before I got a low grades now I am getting very high ones. I am very thankful for getting this grade but I can not stop now, their is some room for improvement so I can do better next time. But Overall I am very proud of this grade in science. So some thing s I can improve is to take my time a little bit more and also study some specific things about the subject because in one question I did not even answer because I had no Idea we even suppose to study this. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Digital video

Digital video is most exiting and fun class  of all middle school that I have been through. In this class we make movies of the topic we are given. I love making movies with my friends, so this class I am very strong at. The only improvement that I need is my post production skills. I do not really know how to do post production so that is what I need to improve in. My artifact is a short film I made with my class mates.


PHE is a very strong class that I have because I very fit and athletic so I love PHE. This quarter we id two activities, soccer, and track in field. I'm not the best at soccer but I can play. The one thing I need to improve in shot accuracy because every time I shot the ball I missed. The next activity is track and field. I am a great runner because I have allot of pace and stamina. Their is no artifact, but I did improove my skills in bot of these activities.


For me Humanities I need a lot of improvement alot. Even though I go a B, their is some stuff like writing that I need to improve. So far in every writing piece I did not get a good grade. I need to improve my sentence fluency,and  my word choice. I have been trying to get better at this subject for over three years. And so far I only improved very little. I believe one way I can improve my writing is by taking my time because sometimes I just rush through it. So I put a link below of my writer notebook document so  I can show you all my work.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Andrew Greased.jpgAndrew Greased.mp3

This is a picture and sound of me playing my trombone for smart music. It was not the best score of all time but this shows a lot of improvement since last year. Last year I would have gotten a 50 percent but this year I mastered all my scales,notes and I play almost every song correctly. My goal is not finished for band because I have not made it yet. My goal is that one day I can make it to the Graded Jazz band. But that takes lots of years of practicing so I better practice allot if I ever want to make it their. Some things I must improve in is my will power. I need to practice with that because sometimes I am too lazy to even open my case and practice. So this year my goal is to practice more. So that is why I chose this Artifact.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013



This is a picture of my 40 objectives that I mastered this quarter. I worked very hard on this and surprisingly I did amazing. 40 Objectives is a 100 percent in Math and I almost never get a 100 percent in math. This is my first year of math honors, I did pretty well this quarter. The thing that I need to get better at is my test taking skills. So far in every test I have gotten a C. But I am very proud of this goal that I have mastered. I will try hard next quarter to get 40 objectives again.

PFL D Sinopse Andrew Gregg

Genero: Ação, Drama
Ano:  2012
Diretor: Ben Affleck
Atores: Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkin

Argo foi tenso, emocionante e muito bem feito , Argo recria um evento histórico.  Este novo filme do  diretor Ben Affleck tem obtido ótimas críticas do público. Ben Affleck tomaria dois anos fazendo este filme, mas o bom trabalho valeria a pena porque ele ganhou um Oscar por melhor filme. Affleck atua tambem no filme e fez um ótimo trabalho atuando como um agênte da CIA chamado Tony Mendez.  Ben Affleck tem dois co estrelas bem reconhecidos, Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkin. Eles tambem fizeram um bom trabalho atuando. O favorito personagem do publico foi Lester Seigel (Alan Arkin) um diretor do Hollywood.

O tópico de “Argo” é sobre a revolução do Iran quando os militares tomaram a embaixada americana.  Seis tinham conseguido escapar. O  agente da CIA, Tony Mendez tinha feito um filme falso para salvar os diplomatas americanos.

Aqui e meu sinopse, este foi o melhor projeito que eu fiz em Pfl D.
Eu acho que eu sou melhor em portuguese do que eu estave um ano atrais. Eu trabalhai muito no este sinopse. Eu sou muito orguloso do este coisa. Mais todo porque o ajuda da minha mai e minha professora. Eu ach que eu vou melhorar no portugues.


This is my Science artifact is my changing states project.I did pretty well on this project for being science because science is not a very powerful subject for me. I believe science is one of my weakest subjects this year. The reason why it is my weakest subject is that I believe science is more difficult then any other subject because in this class their are some complex words that you have to memorize and we have to do a lot of projects. So that is why I chose this document because I am very proud of it. I believe next quarter will be a better one for science. Some ways I need to improve science is by practice the words, or start the project early.